Is Klarna bad for your mortgage application?

Is Klarna bad for your mortgage application? I keep seeing a lot of focus is given to this. What is this really about and does Klarna negatively impact your mortgage application?

Mortgage Complaints 2020/21

Mortgage Complaints made to the Financial Ombudsman Service are produced on a regular basis. For the most recent year figures have been released and it shows an increase.

A mortgage for live-work units, feasible?

When is a home not just a home? It could be that it is also a workplace. Commonly referred to as a live-work unit, many lenders are reluctant to lend against this type of property and I will look at why here.

UK mortgages for non-residents can be problematic

How easy is it to obtain a mortgage in the UK if you don't live in the UK? Certainly not as easy as you would if you lived here but it really all comes down to knowing where to look. But, each lender will have different application criteria.

Using a pension for affordability support

We can draw pensions as early as 50 in some cases and we living longer, so it stands to reason that we may have a mortgage at retirement and only a pension to support it. Is using a pension acceptable?

Stress test means I can’t get a mortgage

Many consumers are still struggling with the concept of the mortgage stress test to meet the affordability of a new mortgage. Whilst it can be frustrating, I do have a guide that can take the pain out it.