Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive weed that spreads rapidly and can be difficult to control with professional support. The existence of the weed in or close to a property you want to purchase or sell may be a problem and you shouldn't ignore it.

Valuation Report Types

Guide to mortgage valuations - Did you know there were as many as 8 different types of property valuation? This guide will explain the most common ones. Whilst most will have a basic valuation report often carried out by the lender it can get complex at times.

Damage From Trees

Trees are pretty but trees are also destructive when growing too close to a property. They don't even have to be within the boundary of a property you own or are buying, it could be a neighbour's tree which can be an issue in itself.

Dry Rot, Wet Rot & Woodworm

Wet and/or dry rot is not that uncommon on a property. Although it is often caused by poor maintenance it can be hidden and not noticed until it's caused too much damage or as many buyers and sellers find out, it is a valuer that finds it when inspecting a property. Even Woodworm is often left unchecked until a valuer inspects.