Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage protection through insurance is vital to protect yourself and your family should something go wrong. Here we will look at the options you should consider.

Affordability testing is changing

There have been many articles circulating in the media for the last few days claiming lenders are getting tough on the cost of living crisis. Some inflammatory commentators suggest lenders are deliberately squeezing some borrowers out of the market and other frankly wrong comments.

Mortgage Affordability Guide

Mortgage Affordability can be a complex area. Since 2014 changes in the way affordability is assessed by lenders must take many elements into account. This can often go against borrowers either in terms of how much they could borrow or if they can borrow at all. This Mortgage affordability guide should help understand the process.

Lifetime Mortgage Guide

Lifetime mortgages are becoming more popular and many homeowners are taking advantage of them to release equity from their homes to support retirement. Are they right for you? Do you understand them? That is what we are going to look at in this guide.

Rising Mortgage Rates in 2022

The Bank of England has once again announced an increase in interest rates. The 3rd in 4 months. If you are putting off reviewing your mortgage or you are coming off a special rate in the next few months then now is the time to act. Analysts are predicting worse to come.

Obtaining a mortgage for a property with issues

I get quite a few questions and comments from people who want to purchase a property with issues, whether that be interior condition, dry or wet rot, structural concerns and so on. How easy is it to get a mortgage in these circumstances? Well, it depends.