Belmont House, Stonehaven

It is rare in a small town like Stonehaven to have an opportunity to purchase a larger property, especially within the original town area. There are plenty further outside of the town, so Belmont House is a rare opportunity to purchase such a substantial property in this particular location.

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If you didn't know, Stonehaven is a coastal town in the North East of Scotland. With a population of around 12,000, it is not particularly big but one of the loveliest towns you can live in or visit. It boasts an incredible coastline and is close to Dunnottar Castle among many other picturesque locations.

Originally an Iron Age fishing village it has grown outwards from the old town ever since. Many know Stonehaven for its new year celebrations which include the fireball ceremony. More on Wikipedia.

Like many towns, it relies on tourism more than it ever has to support the local economy. I say that as someone who spent my school years growing up close to Stonehaven. Having lived in Glasgow for 30 years now we still have a flat in the old town and family visit regularly.

Belmont House

Belmont House is a stunning property overlooking the town's open-air swimming pool and the North Sea. It has a view that will never change. What makes it quite unique is the size of the property for its location. It is very rare for a property of this size in that part of town to become available for purchase. I suspect you won't see it on the market again for a very long time once sold.

The property sits on an elevated site, with a good amount of garden and other space to the front and side of the property. Some may be put off by the fact the rear is quite literally on the road that passes around the rear and side of the property.

Built around 1820, it is a regency-style property. The home is arranged over 3 floors, has 5 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms, a sunroom, garage, wine cellar and other cellar space for storage.

Whilst the garden is not level the space it provides for the location is not to be overlooked.

Depending on the purchaser it may require a little to a lot of upgrading.

The property is C listed, in Scotland, which means it has local importance. C is the least important in terms of listing but it does mean limits will be in place if a purchaser wanted to make modifications to certain elements of the building. I doubt this will cause any issues especially as there is little room for modifications given the layout of the site.

Given my own connections to the area, I would buy it if I had the money, it would be absolutely perfect :)

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Sales Information

The property is being marketed by Aberdein Considine who has an office locally in Allardice Street, Stonehaven. You can contact them on 01569 766166. The property can be seen on the ASPC website here.

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